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Do you want to improve your english conversation skills? This is the course for you . Over 1 month you will develop your skills in Everyday Conversations , business etiqu...
English - Lv1 Speaking
2 hr
This course is for those specifically looking to improve their writing capability for essays ( School/University) or general writing for everyday tasks . In addition , we...
English LV2 - Writing
2 hr
In this course , we will be focusing on improving our listening and Reading skills through engaging in different media . From reading a book and discussion . To movies a...
English LV3- Reading & Listening
2 hr

The most widely used language in the world today , English is used to visit the ... speaking countries in the world and is used as a 2nd  language in international business . Therefore , at Arabizone we believe in following the CAGE system which we created to give students the confidence to speak the language to the fluency they desire . Whilst , going at their own pace .


We offer the following 3 levels currently :

  • Level 1 - Conversation 

  • level 2  - writing

  • level 3  - reading and listening    

    All courses retail for 1800 EGP and are taken over the course of a month each .
    Prices are for one to one also we can do groups if multiple students wish to take part in the same class .
    Classes can be taken by your preferred video method of choice or in person at our center 
    in Alexandria , Egypt . 

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