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· What is the structure of the class and course as a whole?


Our English course consists of 3 levels  ( Each 1 month in duration ) . Each looks at a specific aspect of English with other areas being practised , The following are :


  • Speaking LV1 - Have you ever wanted to improve your conversation skills ? This course specifically looks at that from Everyday conversations to More complex business language . This course will aim to improve your english skills from your current level .

  • Writing LV2 : Need to enhance your writing skills , this course is for those who need to focus on essays and common writing tasks ( I.E CV’s ) . This course will enable to you to write more coherently and fluently .

  • Reading and listening LV3 : You want to watch a english movie without subtitles or read a book in its original format . This course will focus on understanding a variety of accents/dialects and  texts . In addition , this course will prepare you for the format of IELTS Listening and Reading exams . 


Each lesson , reviews the previous through homework . Utilises Videos to initiate discussion , work on a common grammatical issue , And finally , a main task to practice all we have learnt . As well as at the end of each lesson if we have time , we can work through conversation questions at the back of each level for extra practice . 


In addition , we offer personalized classes for individual students , contact us for more information .


· What is the recommended minimum age to start the class?


For our English Main Courses we recommend the minimum age to be 15 . For personalized classes , we can offer to younger students but please contact us for more information .


 Are the classes one to one or in groups?


Prices stated here () are for individuals . Groups can contact us and a discount given depending on how many in the group .


· How long does it take to achieve fluency in English ? 


In the English division , we believe the context of fluency is different for each student . English is a marathon not a race and we aim to improve your language skills according to your ability .


What is the typical age range in classes?


Typical range 15-60 . Though we can any age , 


Are your teachers qualified?


All teachers have reputable qualifications and the appropriate experience in order to teach .


Do I need to buy a book?


No , course books will be sent to you via digital download.


Is there homework?


Here is the following homework in each level :


  • LV1 - No homework included as speaking is through practice .

  • LV2 ; You will choose from a variety of writing tasks at the back of your coursebook . You will be expected to complete 1 task per session . Though if you wish to complete more you may .

  • LV3 : There will be mandatory reading for each session ( The book will be free via the Gutenberg project ( which is free downloable ebooks for any device ( The link will be sent to you along with the digital download of the coursebook ) . In addition , you will be required to listen to a video and write your opinon for the next session . This is mandotory as it will be discussed at the beginning of each session . 


If any homework is not completed , this will be done at the beginning of the next session , taking away from your session time . As it is our beleif homework is essential to improving your skills . 


Can I try a lesson before I decide to enroll?


You can contact our customer service for trial lessons . Although , sample lessons are available to do on the purchase page for each course , 


If I feel I’m not pushed, can I change to an intensive course or add individual lessons?


By all means , though the average course length is 1 month . You can adjust your lessons to your preference . 


Do you prepare students for English language exams?


Yes , or main levels have elements of training for IELTS Courses , with the option to have personalized lessons for more practice. Most students achieve a minimum of 6.5 for a pass , 


How do I enroll?


Through our online store , or in person in Alexandria .


Do you offer discounts for students and pensioners?


We dont have specific discounts . However , once a year we do offer a scholarship for a group of 5 at our centre . Who otherwise would be unable to attend . Our aim is to serve the whole Egyptian community . Regardless of economic wealth or status .

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